Who’s with me?????? It’s time for Decembeaver!!


"If I exploit myself first I will be spared exploitation, right?"



Today in Benghazi- a pro-America demonstration in response to the attack on our embassy.

File this under “Things That Won’t Be Broadcast On FOX News”

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Honey, I’m home!!!

My dearest followers,

I have returned from my summer hiatus.  We, my friends, have a long year ahead of us.  As a new boatload of 1,200 freshman hit the campus our snarktastic brains must be put to good use and start queering it up.  Because, lezzbehonest, we owe it to the small percentage who are not satisfied by 4am-ers at the Boot and Frat parties that run out of booze at 10p.m.  

Between evacuating for Hurricane Isaac and a dear 22-year-old friend of mine passing on, the rug has been royally pulled out from under me these first few weeks back in NOLA.  I stopped blogging last year because my criticism led to cynicism and that cynicism led to sadness.  I have reformed my intention of Snarkypussy.  I desire to blog and critique the world around me without becoming cynical to the point of apathy or anger.  Questioning can be positive.  Arguably, constant questioning is the only tool we have to walk this earth as accountable, caring individuals.  But it requires the challenging task of knowing when to turn off Critique Mode, curl up with a good book, and get lost in a fantasy.

I will leave you with a rough draft of a poem I’ve been writing.  It’s about my understanding of my own White privilege.


Unaware of skin so bright

My skins’ illumination might

 Be the reason every season

Ends for me without a fight

Fear of my elimination

Leads to others subjugation 

Abusing privileges of pigment

To protect from termination

Thinking not about my skin

But fearing sun will pencil in

Brownness in between my freckles

Take me farther from my kin

The rarity of conscious thought

Of what those of darker wrought

For my race’s domination

And the freedom that we bought

Meow Meow

Not that I was incredibly active this semester, but Snarky Pussy will be taking a summer break.  Please continue snarking and submitting, I will be back in the fall. <3 y’all, enjoy the summer sun!


For those of you that have been locked in the library without Facebook I will fill you in on the latest snark worthy events. Someone, somewhere has created a “tournament” based competition to discover Tulane’s most desirable bachelorette, bachelor, and freshman girl.  The nominees’ pictures are taken from Facebook and you can go through and vote as one girl/guy is paired up against another.  The tournament for the most desirable bachelorette began with 64 women in Round 1 and will be whittled down to two women before we discover who the HOTTEST BACHELORETTE AT TULANE IS.

I will not lie to you friends, I was incredibly offended to find out I wasn’t nominated for Hottest Bachelor.  I have put many hours into my creation of Mario and I feel I perform him beautifully.  I mean…am I not manly enough for you?  Do I not wear my hair the right way?  Should I be more muscular?  WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? Fo realz, what on earth do I have to do to myself to be nominated??

So please I beg of you, write me in for Hottest Bachelor.  I know it will come down to me and that hot Emily’s Entourage guy.  Now that would be a wrestling match I would love to partake in.  xoxo, Mario


Pain is important: how we evade it, how we succumb to it, how we deal with it, how we transcend it.
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